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2nd Annual

& 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Three Pines Retreat

& 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

A weekend for relaxation, connection, celebration, and supporting our well being.

September 13-15, 2024

* FULL WEEKEND: $375 (includes Friday night Drum Circle)

This event will be capped at 18 people. Must register by August 23rd, 2024  
Price is the same whether camping or staying elsewhere. 

Schedule (subject to change)

Weekend has been specially crafted & curated to allow you space to relax, reflect, and participate as much or as little as you'd like.

Friday, September 13

Saturday, September 14

5pm: Arrival/Camp Set up/Settle in
6:30pm: Drum Circle with Myquawn (Drum Iowa)
8:30pm: Connect around the campfire (with S'mores!)
Find your campsite or head home to prepare for...

8am: Yoga with Laura accompanied by Myquawn's drumming
9-10am: Breakfast

10-12pm: Sweet Grass Ceremony 

12-2pm Lunch, rest, kayak on the pond, rock painting, Henna art, etc
2:15-3pm: Scavenger hunt/Group Mandala

3-4:15pm: Herb/Garden Walk/Harvest followed by White Sage Tea Ceremony
4:30-6: Kirtan with Nina Smock
6-7: Dinner
7-9: Fire Circle: 10 years of the Healing Shack

Sunday September 15

8am: yoga (Laura)
9-9:45am: Breakfast
9:45-10:30am: Special "wrap up" ceremony
10:30-11:30am- dried flower bouquets, candle making, socialize until it's time to say goodbye (until next year)

More Details:

What to Bring:

Answers to Potential Questions

* Water Bottle 

* Yoga Mat if you plan to do yoga or for something to sit on.

* Tent & things you need for camping (if camping)

* Drums, rattles, bells (noisemakers as you'd like)
* Lawn chair or blanket to sit on around the fire.
* A little extra money for Healing Sessions offered through the weekend (optional).

* A journal & pen if it serves you.
* Any protective gear you may want (raincoat, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.)
* Anything sacred you'd like to put on the altar
* Any food or snacks you might want beyond what is provided.
* Stories to share
* Your open heart and mind.

*The Healing Shack is at least 8 miles from everywhere, so it will inevitably be a drive for you (and it's totally worth it)... feel free to carpool with a friend! 


* Camping is "tent only"- there is no RV hookup or pull behind access. Even "car camping" (which I love) would be less than desirable as it would be in our driveway where you're parked (too many baby trees to drive through the lawn).

* There are several great spots for camping! You can pick yours out when you arrive, we'll show you some ideas and you take what calls you. 


*What about the kids? This event is for ages 16 and up. I love children too, but this event is a space for focus, circling up, sharing, finding rest for our body and soul, and building community with others. I hope you can take this time for YOU. 

* We have dogs who live here that will co-mingle with us through the weekend. They are super friendly and will be excited to see you- then they'll likely lose interest and do their own thing. Let me know if this is a concern for you. There are also chickens, but they have their own luxury suite.

* That being said, please do not bring pets to this event. 


*Meals provided are: 
Friday night s'mores/cocoa/tea/water

Saturday Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Sunday Breakfast
I'll provide a menu for your reference a week prior to the event.

* Tea & Water will be available for you throughout the weekend. Coffee will be available for breakfast/morning hours. Thank you for respecting that alcohol is not allowed at this event. 

​* Swag bags will be available to those who register before August 24, 2024. (Includes a Shirt and other fun finds!) 


* Restrooms or Showers? There will be a porta potty available, and running water from the spicket if needed. I'd prefer to keep my home (including bathrooms/showers) as the quiet space for my family. I appreciate you honoring that. Plus, no judgement here- remember? We'll all NOT shower together. :) 

*Let me know your questions and I'll add them to this list!

Three Pines Team

Devotion. Passion. Dedication.

This is the crew of people who will be present for you; through facilitation and/or support throughout your weekend. 

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